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Discover, collect, and send Timeless Gift card

Get comfortable home buying power in the world’s first, largest and unique digital gifts card.

Send special things to special ones

What makes Bee Gift card special?

The most advanced technology platform will support the creation of creative gifts.

The first Gift card
applied Blockchain technology

All transactions of Bee Gift Card are implemented in the Blockchain system and managed by strict rules of smart-contract.


Create your signature with NFT

Bee Gift Card allows users to personalize gift cards to make the gift more meaningful with its uniqueness.


any brand e-voucher

With simple steps, users can convert Bee Gift Card into E-Voucher of hundreds of famous brands.


creative gifts

A new way to create meaningful gifts.

Provide e-voucher for many


How to use

With simple steps, users can easily create a gift card that includes the money and a special photo, video, or NFT Gift and send it to their loved ones.
In addition, users can convert into preferential E-Voucher of hundreds of famous brands along with the policy of Bee Member.

1. Visit page:

2. Enter your email to receive an OTP code then you can open the world of gifts.

3. Select the type of gift card you want to create: Bee gift card or NFT Gift.

4. Choose from the available library or upload images, clips, NFTs you want to send.

5. Enter the amount you want to put on the gift card.

6. Write down meaningful wishes and send them to your loved ones.


Become Bee Member and receive special offer when converting e-Voucher!

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1. I don’t have crypto wallet. Can I send or receive Bee gift?

Absolutely yes. You just need an email address to join Bee Gift.
But we highly recommend you to create a wallet and hold some BGC to get many promotions when convert e-voucher.
Don’t worry about technical problem, Bee’s team will be always ready to support you anytime.

2. Can I tranfer Bee Gift card to cash?

Bee Gift has mission as a brigde to help user send his/her love to recipient. So we don’t want to user think about it as a physical product. But don’t worry, We prepare to launch a P2P website where not only Bee Gift holders, but also all another GIft Card holders can exchange gift card each other.

3. Which currencies can be used to buy Bee Gift?

At current, we accept only GBP in payment method. But when our system is expanded more, we surely that many currencies could be accepted includes both Crypto and Legal tender currencies.

4. How can I convert a Bee’s Gift card to another brand’s e-Voucher?

Bee Gift card is a gift card more flexible and convinient because of REDEEM feature. <br /> When you redeem a Bee Gift card, the amount in Gift card will be added to your funding balance in system. Then you can use that amount to convert a e-Voucher of another brands or any other BEE's service such as:

  • Create a special gift for your famiy, lovers, friends, ...
  • Buy future products of Bee as: Mystery box, Funny games...
  • Buy Bee Token
  • etc...
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    Bee Gift

    With the desire to create a lot of spiritual value for users. Bee Gift leverages the power of technology to bring unlimited creativity into gifts. The gift will become much more meaningful to the sender and recipient instead of just gifts of material value.


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